However, what if we want to handle error cases depending on its HTTP status code (401, 402. 403..) or handle each error response globally for logging/debugging error…


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There is no difference in using HiltAndroidApp annotation for building the base DI environment. The role…



But the independent characteristics make it difficult to communicate with each other. So the Android SDK supports concepts of the Intent for holding an abstract description of an action to be performed, and the Bundle for passing data based on inter-process communication mechanism. They are one of the most important and basic…


So what are the best benefits of Jetpack Compose?

  • Code reusability (dramatically less code)
  • Declarative UI (lacks side effects, referentially transparent)
  • Consistency of native codes without using XML files
  • Unidirectional Data Flow (state flows down and events flow…


The other role of the Application class is initializing every SDKs and libraries which required ApplicationContext in the application’s whole lifecycle. As the…


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The Hilt reached alpha but there is no official documentation and explains. so I’ve looked…

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UX philosophy

Generally, progressBar draws only progress. …

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Requesting data to remote server and handling responses is always one of the important issues in Android development. When we are building our project even a small-sized demo project, we have to spend time constructing the REST service structure. Using the modern Android development tool like Retrofit2, OkHttp, LiveData, or RxJava we can implement the network interfaces easily and request asynchronously. But designing standardized response models/interfaces and handling success data and errors are also important things.

Jaewoong Eum

A software engineer: Android, IoT. Interested in Psychology, Magic Tricks, and writing poems. https://github.com/skydoves

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